Pre-Race Newsletter Oakville Event August 11th

Hello Participant Families!

Thank you for registering for the inaugural KITCan Oakville kids triathlon event on August 11th, 2018. We look forward to seeing you at the race! The focus of our event is on helping kids get active and have fun. Let’s cheer on all our young athletes as they go through the race course!
A special time also awaits in our Family Fun Zone, filled with fun activities for kids to enjoy any time over the race day.

Remember to be prepared and check the weather forecast and be ready for rain or shine!

Times to Know


Friday August 10, 5-8pm, Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre


Saturday August 11, opens 7:30am, Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre under the “Be a Kit Kid” tents


Be sure to set up transition well before the swim check in time on your bib!


Swim Flag/Marshaling tent (pool entrance building) Please be at the Swim Flag/Marshaling tent at your bib swim check in time (15 min prior to your swim start time).


3-5: 8:30-8:55
6-7: 9:15-9:45
8-9: 10:15-10:45


Click here for the start list, current as of this sending. A final start list will be available at race kit pick up day.

KITCan Oakville – Details

Race Kit Pick-Up Day:
Date: Friday, August 10, 2018
Time: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre
Address: 2302 Bridge Rd.,
Oakville, Ontario, L6L 3L5
Parking: Parking available on site

Click here for map to Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre

Please also be sure to review the FAQ section of our website beforehand as the answer(s) to your question(s) may already be found there.

Race Kit Pick Up Stations:

1. Race Bib Pick-up: Bibs available in in age age groups by race number
2. Kit Bag Pick-up: kit bags are filled with goodies and information from our supporters.
3. Race T-Shirt Pick-up
4. Course Map & Wave Charts: race course maps and wave charts will be posted to review with your child. There will also be a loop chart. This chart shows the specific number of laps in the pool, loops on the bike course and loops on the run course that each age group must complete.

Special Needs Children: If you have a child with special needs whom you feel should be visually identifiable as potentially needing more assistance as he/she goes through the race course, please let us know at the Registration Table.


Before Race Day, please be sure to check that your child’s bike is in proper working order and ensure that your child’s helmet fits well and is also in good working order. The chin strap on your child’s helmet should not be too loose, nor too tight — please ensure the chin strap fits your child properly prior to Race Day.

Race Day

Date: Saturday, August 11th, 2018
Time: Please refer to age-group specific set up times below
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre 2302 Bridge Rd.,
Oakville, Ontario, L6L 3L5 (MAP)
Parking: There is parking available at Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre on Race Day.
If parking at your own discretion on commercial lots or on residential streets, please kindly respect homeowners’ properties and also the Town of Oakville Parking By Laws.

Race Day Kit Pick-Up

Opens: 7:30 AM
Location: Under the “Be a Kit Kid” tents in the parking lot – look for the Race Kit Pick-up sign.
Note: Pick-up your child’s Race Kit prior to setting up your child’s equipment in Transition if you were unable to attend Race Kit Pick-up Day on August 10th. However, there may be limited opportunity to ask questions once the Race Day has begun.

Arrival Times – Transition

All participants must be set up in Transition before heading to the swim start area. Please arrive early to allow yourself enough time to set up and to pick up your Race Kit if you did not do so at Race Kit Pick-up Day.

Transition Area – Set Up (Before Race)

• 1 parent per child allowed in for set up
• Set up quickly: no more than 5 minutes
• Use bike racks designated by age category
• Ensure bike is hung on the rack: ask volunteer for help if needed

Transition Area – During Race

• 1 parent is allowed in to assist child, please respect this request as more adults in the transition impedes the enjoyment of other athletes.
Please do not move other athletes’ equipment in order to improve your child’s position. This is a non-competitive event, results do not matter!
Items to Set Up in Transition
Bike, helmet, towel, running shoes, water bottle, Race T-shirt with race bib pinned on front

Bike racks will be labeled by age group. Please be sure to rack your child’s bike on one of the racks designated for their age, set up any other items, and depart from Transition quickly. Volunteers will be available to provide assistance.

At all times during the race, a steady flow of athletes will be entering and exiting Transition after completing their swim. For the safety of everyone, please do not cross any race markers or barricades in Transition and follow the instructions provided by our Volunteer Crew

Please remember: Athletes always have the right of way.

Washrooms & Changing Facilities

Located in the recreation Centre. Participants are advised to arrive in their swimsuits.

Swim Check in Time

Please be sure to arrive at the Swim Flag/Marshaling tent (at the pool entrance building) for the Swim Check in ON TIME. The Swim Check in is 15 min prior to your in water start time. This allows time for our Marshals to bring the athletes by wave (one group of kids at a time) to the pool deck where each athlete will receive their timing anklet and be offered a life jacket if needed. Water wings and “puddle jumpers” are NOT permitted. Our Swim Captain will then give the athletes a quick set of instructions and into the water they go to start the race!

Race Starts

3-5: 8:30-8:55
6-7: 9:15-9:45
8-9: 10:15-10:45

Start List

Click here for the start list, current as of this sending. A final start list will be available at race kit pick up day.

3-5 Year Olds
Kids in this age category MUST be accompanied by one parent who must remain within arm’s reach of the child at ALL times throughout the race, including in the pool for the swim portion of the race. Come prepared to swim with your child, regardless of their skill level.

Pool – Viewing the Swim Portion of Race

6-9 year olds may bring 1 spectator on deck with them to watch the swim. For the spectators coming on deck, please remove shoes before entering the pool area. Spectators will enter the pool area via the same doors as the athletes and will then be directed to a designated viewing area on the pool deck. Please remain in this area until ALL athletes in your child’s wave have completed their swim. You may then follow the direction from our Volunteer Crew, who will help direct you outside via the same exit door as the athletes. You will exit right beside Transition where you can watch your child get on their bike. Please remember to not cross the race path of any athlete.

Athletes have the right of way. Safety First!

Lap and Loop Counting

At Race Kit Pick-up, you will receive a take-away lap and loop chart. This chart shows the specific number of laps in the pool, loops on the bike course and loops on the run course that each age group must complete. Be sure your child knows how many laps of the swim, loops of the bike course and loops of the run course they are required to complete prior to starting the race. Participants should try their best to count their own laps and loops.

There will be a designated Loop Counting spot on each course where 1 parent can help keep track of the loops completed by their child. Parents may hold up homemade numbered signs showing the loops completed or may shout the number of loops each time their child passes them. Once the required number of loops have been completed, you can direct your child to turn into the Bike Drop area to give their bike to a Volunteer Crew member and start the run portion of the race.


Athletes always have the right of way!

Athlete Nutrition and Hydration

Post-race, there will be water and a few snacks available for the athletes only. Please reserve these treats for the hard-working participants. It is advised that you bring your own snacks and beverages for all other family members and spectators as food will not be available for purchase on-site.

On-Site Paramedics

In the case of an on-site emergency or even a minor incident, our Paramedics will be located near the Finish Line.

What to Bring – Packing List
  • Helpful list of items to be prepared for Race Day:
  • Bike
  • Bike helmet
  • Goggles, if desired
  • Swimsuit
  • Running shoes (no sandals allowed)
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Second pair of shoes – since athletes’ running shoes will be set up in Transition (to wear while waiting for wave to be called)
  • Race Bib plus safety pins to attach bib to Race T-shirt
  • Race T-shirt to wear over swimsuit to race in
  • Shorts to wear over swimsuit to bike and run in
  • Dry change of clothes for after the race
  • Participant Families & Spectators
  • Sunscreen, hat
  • Rain gear, umbrella, if needed
  • Snacks, beverages / refillable water bottle (food & drinks are not available for purchase at the event)
  • Phone / Camera

Be sure to visit our unique Family Fun Zone, which is open from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM for fun at any time!

After the Race Day is done, visit for individual athlete race times! This is for personal reference only. Our event is non-competitive and athletes are not ranked.

Make your memories last! The excitement of the KITCan Oakville race will be captured by our own photographer from Photos will be uploaded in the days following the Race and can be found through its website.

A special message to our young participants: Remember, it’s all about having Fun and feeling great while being active!

See you at the race!

All the team at Triathlon Ontario


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