Kit’s History



Meet The KITCan (Kids In Triathlon) Mascot

If you’ve ever seen a Canadian beaver lodge, you’ll know that it’s made of twigs, is always damp and is often cold. Living in a lodge is fine for some beavers, but not for all.

A Kit is the name for a baby beaver, this kit is a young beaver who was full of energy and wasn’t content to just lounge around the lodge all day. What this kit really liked were things that many youngsters like to do: swimming, biking and running.


Three sports are better than one.

“Hmmm… a three-sport contest involving swimming, biking, and running” thought Kit. “That’s the sport for me!” After doing a little more research on the topic, Kit soon learned that to really compete in triathlon, one needs to train.

So, that’s just what the young beaver did. Obviously, Kit was particularly talented in the swimming aspect of triathlon, but to get good at biking and especially running (have you seen how short a beaver’s legs are?), Kit needed to do a lot of training – and is still working at it.


Tri hard and most of all, have fun!

In the dozen or so triathlons Kit has completed, the young beaver has done very well. Kit hasn’t won an event yet, but when you consider that the beaver is a Canadian symbol (look at a nickel), Kit has become quite a celebrity and has a very large and enthusiastic fan base.

With all the training, triathlons and subsequent fanfare, it’s not surprising that Kit is as busy as, well, a beaver. If the idea of triathlon appeals to you, consider the words of Kit, who will tell you “Tri hard and most of all, have fun.”


KITCan Beaver Facts

Name: Kit E. Beaver
Home: Canada
Hobbies: Loves to swim, bike and run… in that order
Fave Food: When not competing, maple syrup with pancakes on the side (otherwise, spinach smoothies)
Dream: To be the first triathlete with a tail to win a triathlon
Super Power: Cutting down an 8-metre tree in 5 minutes
Words of wisdom: “Tri hard, have fun!”